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Storylight is an agile video production agency with the flexibility and expertise to bring any project to life.

As master storytellers and creative strategists, we’ll collaborate with your vision-led brand to bring out-of-the-box ideas to life.

Our clients understand the value and impact of using high-quality video content as part of a robust marketing strategy.

We keep up to date with the tech trends so you don’t have to.

And are always exploring innovative new ways of doing things to generate fresh ideas.

Storylight can adapt to the changing needs of video projects, by tapping into our handpicked network of professionals to include additional video production crew, local creatives, scriptwriters, marketing strategists, and more.

About Michael

Director and lead videographer at Storylight, Michael Kircher, has been working locally and internationally in the video and television industry since 2007. His career has seen him work with major New Zealand production companies in online video, live television editing, national and international sporting events, documentaries, television shows and videography.

A familiar face running the side-lines on major sports events as a national camera operator for SKY TV, as part of the team on the iconic New Zealand TV show What Now, as well as a wide variety of news, sports broadcasts and television programmes including as a vision mixer for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Michael started Storylight in 2010 with a focus on working with vision-led organisations to create high-quality video content and is driven to help businesses succeed in Christchurch and the wider Canterbury area.

In his spare time, you will find Michael pottering at home in the garden, and honing his Dad skateboarding skills on the ramps of Christchurch with his family.

Did you know that Michael used to be a keen skier? Back in the day, he was out on the slopes doing back flips and 720s. In fact, his Grandparents started Mount Cheeseman, and in 2007 he produced a 90-minute documentary about the club.

We don’t help you follow trends, we help you create them.

Our uncomplicated and user-friendly process helps us to uncover the heart of your goals, develop a strategy and breathe life into it.

Our portfolio of work speaks for itself. Sustainable, big-vision projects for ambitious organizations that strive to do more and are committed to mission-driven change.

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